Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's the "Day After tomorrow"

Rut Wro Shaggy...RubyRoo is sscarred!

Ok, I saw the movie, and yes, it blew chunks. BUT the premise behind it does not. Is your weather not abnormally freaky? Hurricane Charly just caused colossal damage, and a massive typhoon killed more than 200 people in china. I have a sinking feeling this isn't it...a foreboding of more to come..forget the crappy movie.

See for yourself what you never see on the news! Earthquakes are getting stronger and more severe all around the world!! This is what our government shows us but I dont believe it's not edited...or try this real time graphics.
And do YOU know what a CME is? The activity of our Sun is abnormally way high, see this: or
Volcanoes are a-shakin round the world too...

...start paying attention before you don't have any power for a week...or water, heat/AC, or toilets that flush, or food...How long a stretch Have U ever lived without E-LEC-TRICITY?? (camping in your backyard doesn't count) So tell me if you think sumthing might be going on, or if I'm drinking too much again.
Ciao, Roo


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