Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Does one ever REALLY Re-locate?

Well, perhaps some of my faithful followers are aware, some not, (Bye the way, I want to mention to all those followers that I honestly prefer a direct post to my postings, as opposed to personal emails-Afterall, lively debate and dialog keeps the world going round) that I am actually an immigrant from the great state of MARYLAND-Land of Taxes!. Our move to Littlestown, PA (WooHoo) happend about a year ago, and I am in a dilemma.

We have had lots of time to scout out the area, immediately locating places of interest (Walmart, Pizza, Post office (christ, I'm boring). We can get around fairly well, and now rarely end up somewhere unknown. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to break myself completely away from all things Maryland-ish.

For instance, I don't read the local papers. I only read the Baltimore Sun online. Radio stations are always tuned into Baltimore based tunes, and the only traffic jam morning backups I want to hear about are in Baltimore. I don't know why, I don't work there anymore. But for some inane, unfathomable reason, I love to hear about the Car-B-Que on Owings Mills Boulevard, between Lyons Mill and Winands Road. Because something inside me just vibrates with excitement when I realize I know EXACTLY where that is. I know what's on the corner, I know what that place looks like in my head. And I LOVE to hear about it, just drool mentally over real-time live updates.

Then we have the TV news. Understand that I recently killed my love affair with satellite (it's overrated, and I got a better deal on digital cable cause of my cable internet service (best thing since sliced whitebread) because they wanted to make me pay for the priviledge of seeing local news stations. Screw-em. But here is the funny thing-Now that I can, I don't want to watch the local news. Hate it. Never turn it on. When I do happen to cruise bye on my way to Maryland public television, I never linger long. Makes me feel, dunno, dislocated. Like I've been on a perpetual vacation and I can't get off the train. I don't know those people, the weatherman is weird, and I don't have mental visuals of the places they are talking about. Everything is just, Different. But I don't need it anyway, because for some reason, Adelphia Cable still airs local Baltimore newstations. Ain't it grand!

Its so refreshing to tune into WJZ, to see everyone, everyplace, I have known my whole life. My husband doesn't feel the same, because he (who relocated from the West Coast) lost his ability to tune into any station he use to watch. Not me. I still got dibbs on Maryland goings ons all the time.

So, the question is, really, Why? How long will it take to convert? PA is just different. People are too polite. To, um, like nice and pleasant. Just weird, overall. Cornfed slowpokes. No one even drives fast up here. There are all these weird little townships, and they each have a particular sameness. Overall, I have lost my cosmopolitan City feelers. All the excitement in being part of the "big city". Shit, my husbands still thinks if you take 83 South into the city you will most definitely be shot in a drive by. Or come home with an STD. That's his world awareness of Baltimore, all he heard prior to his cross country move here. That's special, huh? But to me, it's home sweet home. And I miss it.

Hey, maybe I should move back!

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